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Top 10 Movies of 2020 [10 Best Movies of 2020]

Best 10 Movies of 2020
Top 10 Movies of 2020 [10 Best Movies of 2020]

This is a very interesting and possibly game-changing time for Hollywood.

For this list we'll be looking at films who've had a wide release in 2020 whether it's theatrically or online that are currently available to watch from the comfort of your home.  Please note that we're only considering movies that have a confirmed digital release date as of publishing. So, The Top 10 Movies of 2020 [10 Best Movies of 2020] are the following :-

Number 10 : Bad Boys for Life (2020)
Bad Boys for Life 2020
Bad Boys for Life (2020)
As of writing bad boys for life is 2020s highest-grossing blockbuster and it'll likely hold on to that title for a while. The always reliable chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence isn't the only reason why audiences flocked to see this long delayed third instalment on the big screen.  What many assumed would be a studio driven cash grab actually offered some welcomed character development seeing the titular bad boys mature as men.

The plot takes several chances that ultimately pay off in thrilling and even emotional ways.  We weren't really expecting to get teary-eyed in a bad boys flick but I promise you it's gonna be all good.

At the same time directors a deal lrb and voila deliver the stylized action and light-hearted humor we've come to expect from this franchise.

Number 9: The Hunt (2020)
The Hunt 2020
The Hunt (2020)
The hunt just couldn't catch a break. Originally set to come out in 2019 the release date was pushed back after disaster struck Dayton and El Paso. Unfortunately the new release date just so happened to fall on the worst domestic box-office weekend in over two decades. Now that it's streaming Though.  You can find out why director Craig Sobel satirical thriller splits critics down the middle and even got Donald Trump riled up.

While it takes shots at both sides of the political spectrum the hunt isn't strictly against the left or right. It's against the extremes that each side goes to. Some may be offended but others will appreciate its biting commentary over-the-top violence and strong cast particularly Betty Gilpin and Hilary Swank.

Number 8 :  Bloodshot (2020)
Bloodshot 2020
Bloodshot (2020)
Sadly it's going to be almost a year until we see f9. If you need a Vin Diesel fix as soon as possible however bloodshot is just what the doctor ordered based on the Valiant Comics character. This superhero film has been proposed as a launching point for a cinematic universe. Diesel plays Ray Garrison, a slain marine who's brought back to life with a few enhancements thrown in.          

Garrison plans to use his new powers to avenge his wife but things are not as they appear. While bloodshot wasn't a huge hit with critics and its trailers gave away which should have been a major plot twist this pure popcorn flick is likely to appease Diesel's fans with its colorful set pieces and of course it's awesome leading men.

Number 7: Emma (2020)
Emma 2020
Emma (2020)
If you're interested in having a Jane Austen movie marathon Emma is more than worthy addition to the line-up.

Whether you prefer the 1996 Adaptation starring Gwyneth Paltrow or a more modern take like Clueless, Austen's classic novel has already been brought to the screen quite a few times.

If the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice proved anything though it's that some of Austin's stories never grow old. Likewise director autumn de Wilde's interpretation of Emma is equally familiar fresh and all-around timeless.

This can be largely attributed to the films capable cast which is helmed by a wonderful performance from Anya Taylor joy as the titular heroine, witty romantic and lovely on the eyes Emma is a genuine delight.

Number 6:  The Gentleman (2020)
The Gentleman 2020
The Gentleman (2020)
Between Sherlock Holmes and Aladdin Guy Ritchie has had no trouble finding work as of late. However it's been a while since we've seen him tackle an original project with that unique Guy Ritchie flair, the gentleman sees the director returned to what he does best. Channeling his earlier films like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and snatch, and yes we know the action comedy technically premiered at the Curzon Mayfair cinema in December 2019 but it was released theatrically in the United Kingdom and in the United States in January 2020. So we're keeping it.

Playing a potentially unreliable narrator Hugh Grant steals the show in an ensemble piece that also includes memorable work from Matthew McConaughey Charlie Hunnam and Colin Farrell. The twisty narrative that grants character weaves is one filled with snappy dialogue and hard-hitting action, it all accumulates to a clever conclusion that'll leave you wanting to see even more.

Number 5: The Way Back (2020)
The Way Back 2020
The Way Back (2020)
The way back at times parallels Ben Affleck's own life.  Affleck stars as Jack Cunningham a former high school basketball player who seemed destined for greatness after numerous missteps. Though Jack finds himself middle-aged drinking too much and on the verge of divorce. Jack is given a shot at redemption when he's asked to coach his old team but the film doesn't play out exactly how one might expect. Although it doesn't reinvent the sports drama genre, The Way Back is more mature story than we're used to.

The adolescent players don't act like the ones you'd find on Disney Channel and the resolution is more poignant than victorious. It's anchored by one of Affleck's best performances authentically conveying Jack's inner demons.

Number 4:  Sonic The Hedgehog (2020)
Sonic The Hedgehog 2020
Sonic The Hedgehog (2020)
After the infamous first trailer dropped, sonic fans were ready to break up the pitchforks. One redesign later people started coming around and the end product turned out better than many expected. Sonic The Hedgehog earned surprisingly solid reviews and is currently the highest-grossing movie based on a video game in America. It might not appease everyone who's waited decades to see Sonic on the silver screen but the effects are vivid. The action can be inventive and Jim Carrey throws everything he has into his zany take on Dr. Robotnik.

We think Sonic might go the Thor route starting out with a traditional fish-out-of-water story but eventually venturing into more otherworldly territory, Sonic Ragnarok has a nice ring to it.

Number 3: Onward (2020) 
Onward (2020)
Onward (2020)
Receiving a digital release after a two-week theatrical run and hitting Disney Plus on April 3rd onward is a movie that we could all use right now.

This contemporary take on high fantasy can appeal to all ages with the sharp humor relatable characters and imaginative world. In typical Pixar fashion it's the film's heart that truly makes on words something special. Even if you removed magic from the equation, this would still be a deeply effective story about two brothers dealing with grief.

At the film's core is a powerful message about how families and parental figures come in many different forms. Even if it's not the absolute best Pixar film ever made it's one that knows how to turn on the waterworks.

Number 2:  Birds of Prey (2020)
Birds of Prey (2020)
Birds of Prey (2020)
Given its misleading title unremarkable trailers and the disappointment of Suicide Squad, it's not entirely surprising that birds of prey somewhat underperformed at the box office.

Audiences missed out on one of the DCE use funniest and most captivating entries yet. While the birds of prey are present, this is truly a Harley Quinn movie which is by no means a disadvantage. Margot Robbie was born to play this character and this vehicle offers her a chance to shine as Harley like never before.

Following Deadpool's example this film earns its our rating and does right by its main character, complete with hilarious fourth wall breaks, Cafe Yen also demonstrates promising chops as an action director making the visuals explode off the comic book pages and onto the screen.

Number 1:  The Invisible Man (2020)
The Invisible Man (2020)
The Invisible Man (2020)
Man upgrade remains among the most exciting not to mention underrated films of recent years and writer director Leigh Whannell has done it again with The Invisible Man, bringing HG Welles classic novel into the 21st century.

When Al's version is just as much a stalker movie as it is a sci-fi movie contributing to the real world horror, of course even the film's sci-fi elements almost feel grounded in today's tech savvy world.

The film belongs to Elisabeth Moss whose odd early convincing as a woman who can't shake the feeling that her supposedly deceased partner is watching her. Whether viewed in a dark Theater or home alone at night, this is a first-rate thriller that'll leave you on edge in all the right ways.

So, This is the list of Top 10 Movies of 2020 [10 Best Movies of 2020] which you can watch now.

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