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Free SERP Checker Now Available - Internet Marketers Rejoice

Free SERP Checker
Free SERP Checker

Trying to rank your site in Google?

Anyone who deals with SEO (search engine optimization) will tell you that keyword rankings are top priority at all times. Usually to check where your site ranks for keywords requires a paid service.  Luckily not anymore.

Check your keyword rankings for free.

Thanks to WhatsMySERP.com, you can know your exact rankings for up to 10 keywords. It’s totally free to use, and our team had a chance to do a little test run. Which we have to admit was quite exciting.

What's a SERP checker for?

There’s a few use cases where it makes sense to use a SERP checker. 
  1. For your own site - find out your rankings, quickly check them, see if there’s a keyword you weren’t expecting.
  2. For your competitors - same thing, but doing some market research never hurt anyone, right?
  3. For a potential client - trying to sign someone on? Knowing their keyword rankings can help you craft the perfect proposal with that “WOW” factor.

How to use WhatsMySERP.com

  1. Next enter your URL
  2. Pick the location you want to search from
  3. Add a physical location if you want more specificity
  4. Add all your keywords in the list
  5. Hit “Check All”

**for the more visually inclined, here’s a step by step of how to use the free keyword tool.

Need to check for keyword suggestions?

There’s another free tool that could be of interest to you. Here’s the free keyword search tool which is great for uncovering search volumes and competition.

  1. Just enter your keywords
  2. Automatically Google ‘suggested keywords’ will free-fill
  3. You can easily gather data about your niche, keywords and best plan of action

It’s a great alternative to google keywords planner. Which as we all know is now extinct :-(

Some quick SEO tips

SEO is about more than just knowing your keywords or rankings. So let’s go over some of the pillars real quick to wrap this all together.

  1. Use proper on-page SEO. That means optimizing your website, tags, meta, descriptions, content and ensuring fast load times.
  2. Create quality content first and foremost. This is essential to any SEO campaign and crucial if you want to tap into content marketing.
  3. Remember to build your audience. Comment, like, interact, find the people who are part of your tribe and community - you need engagement to grow in the search engines.

Final thoughts on checking your SERPs

SERP checking is perfect when you need to get a one off view of a keyword ranking for yourself, a client or competitor.

WhatsMySERP.com/serp-checker is a free extension that will allow you to track up to 10 keywords.

Leave your comments down below, we’re keen to hear what you think.

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