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Keywords Everywhere Free Alternative

Keywords Everywhere Free Alternative
Keyword Surfer: Keyword Everywhere Free Alternative

"Keywords Everywhere", a volume search tool, has now become a paid tool from 1st October 2019. Now, everyone is looking for a free alternative to Keywords Everywhere.

Keyword Surfer is a great free alternative to Keywords Everywhere. It is a google chrome extension which allow you to view google search volume for free.It has been developed by the https://surferseo.com/

Keyword Surfer is a 100% free chrome extension. So, if you are looking for Keywords Everywhere alternative, you can install the Keyword Surfer on your google chrome browser. It does the same work as Keywords Everywhere.

Click here to download and install Keyword Surfer.

Another Free Keyword Everywhere alternative is MySerp Everywhere. It is also a Chrome extension.

Click here to install it..


  1. Thanks for including us in your list. Much appreciated. If you're ever looking for other tools - we have a few more available. Just check out our homepage for the SERP tracker and checker.

    Feel free to email our community manager as well if you want to collaborate!

  2. Great article! Have you checked out LiveKeyword extension? https://biq.cloud/live-keyword/

    Just like keywords everywhere – it provides important keyword information like search volume, related keywords, and related searches.

    Would love to know how do you think of the new extension. ��

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