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Do you know how to use Keyboard keys from F1 to F12

Use of Keyboard Keys from F1 to F12

On any computer's keyboard we see keys from F1 to F12. Do you know what these keys are used for? These keys are amazing and if you know what they are used for, then many of your tasks will become easier. Every Key does a particular job. So let us know about the use of Keys from F1 to F12.

F1: If you press F1 while you turn on the computer, you will be able to access the computer setup. You can check the settings and change them if required.

F2 is used to rename a file in the Windows operating system. When you press F2 in Microsoft Word, you can also see a print preview of the file.

F3: In Windows, the search box is opened when you press the F3 Key. After pressing it, you can search any file or folder. Besides, pressing the F3 in MS-DOS retypes the previously typed command.

F4: When you press F4 Key in Microsoft Word, the last work repeats. This means that the word you typed earlier will be retyped, or any such work will repeat.

F5: F5 is generally used to refresh the current window or work, but pressing it also starts the slideshow of PowerPoint.

F6: If you press this key on the keyboard, it will start showing open Folders content in Windows. In addition, F6 is used by pressing Control+Shift+F6 to view several documents open in MS Word one by one.

F7: If you press F7 in MS Word and  type anything, the spelling of that word will be checked.

F8: F8 is used to select text in MS Word.

F9: F9 is used to send or receive e-mail in Microsoft Outlook. On the other hand, It can also control the brightness of the screen in many new systems.

F10: If you press this Key while working on a software, the menu opens. Besides, F10 works like the right click of the mouse if you press it with shift key.  with Shift but it works like the right click of the mouse.

F11: F11 is used for full-screen display in Internet browsers.

F12: Pressing the F12 key in MS Word opens “Save As” option. Microsoft files are saved when you press F12 with Shift.

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