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How to recover deleted photos and videos from mobile phones

how to recover deleted photos and videos from mobile phone

In this age of technology, smartphones have made their mark in people's lives. These gadgets usually used for calling, messaging, internet surfing, and many more. Besides, these smartphones offer more storage to users. Users store their necessary files, photos, and videos on smartphone storage. But if you have mistakenly deleted all the pictures and videos, it is very tough to recover them. We are going to tell you about some apps that will help you to recover deleted data easily.



#1. DiskDigger Photo Recovery


 diskdigger photo recovery app

With this app, users can easily recover deleted photos and videos. This app will help the smartphone user to recover the deleted data from the memory card. There is no need to root your smartphone to use this app. In addition, users can retrieve the required data through Google Drive, Dropbox, and e-mail. The size of the DiscDigger Photo Recovery app is 2.3 MB.



#2. Super Backup & Restore


super backup and restore app
Android users can recover contacts, messages, call history, and bookmarks with the help of this app. Data can also be recovered from SD card, G-mail, and Google Drive. Besides, subscribers can also recover SMS, voice call recordings, and MP3 files. You can also schedule an automatic backup of the data. Super Backup and Restore app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app size is 8.9 MB.


#3. Dumpster


dumpster recovery my deleted picture and video files
Dumpster app works like Recycle Bin. After downloading and installation of this app, it automatically starts creating backups of the data. You need to tap the recycle bin to recover all the deleted files, photos, and videos. Besides, this app also provides app locking facility in its premium version. The app is 16.2 MB in size. It has been downloaded over 40 million times.



#4. DigDeep Image Recovery


digdeep image recovery app
Users can recover deleted photos with the DigDeep ImageRecovery app. This app has a very simple interface that people can easily use. Users can easily recover deleted photos of JPG or JPEG, and PNG format. It can recover photos both from internal and external memory (SD card). There is no need to root your phone to use this app. The app size is 2.6 MB.

#5. GT File Recovery


gt file recovery app
Consumers can scan the smartphone and recover the deleted files with this app. Even if user resets the phone to its factory default setting or formats the memory card, the app can recover deleted photos, music files, videos, contacts, and messages. It works only with rooted devices. The size of GT File Recovery is 5.3 MB.

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